We believe that our food system has to reinvent itself. It is fundamentally flawed, and changes need to go far beyond creating new products. But we are not complaining. Instead, we have come together to create the foundation needed to create sustainable solutions for everyone. We can’t wait to find out exactly what they might be.


There are those who invent food, those who produce it, those who sell it, and those who buy it. Unfortunately, to this day they haven’t found ways to work together. And yet, that is what it will take to create what we all want: Healthy and sustainable products to feed us and future generations. HERMANN’S is here to unite these groups into what we call an ecosystem. We translate between them, help them to learn from one another, and enable honest collaboration. Each of us will benefit from supporting the other.


Changing something as complex as the food system won’t be easy. It’s a combination of culture, economics, nature, technology and, most importantly, people. By connecting these dimensions, we are creating an infrastructure that enables innovation with a lasting impact.


These are the places we call home. As an event space, test kitchen, film studio and restaurant in one, they give our community a place to meet and exchange views and flavors. The first one is HERMANN’S Berlin. From workshops to product launches and beta testing, full restaurant takeovers to filming cooking shows, trying new things to simply having lunch – anything is possible.


Our website, social media, and media partners’ channels give a voice to those designing our food system’s future. We bust myths, let consumers join the discussion, feature those working on solutions to problems we haven’t even recognized yet, and identify chances for industry. By providing a window into our ecosystem’s progress, we stay open for input from those following our journey.


We don't just want to develop new products, we want to bring them to market at scale. Our BizDev team identifies the most promising developments. We then find ways to match our industry partners with the right innovators. Our belief is that solutions to the food industry’s challenges are already out there. We see it as our job to find them and translate them into feasible strategies.


Hermann Bahlsen

Our brand is named after Hermann Bahlsen, traveler and visionary. 

He found new ideas and potentials across the world, and had the ingenuity to build a company out of them. Our logo is inspired by the Egyptian hieroglyph TET, meaning “lasting forever”, which Hermann found and chose as his company’s logo.

The original TET symbol

Like our name patron, we will relentlessly research, test and innovate to discover delicious food for tomorrow’s generations.

Like him, we’re not going to do it behind closed doors but will openly share our ideas and collaborations. And like Hermann Bahlsen, we know that we’re trying to find answers to questions we have not even thought of yet. We invite you to do that with us. Join our community, track what we are working on, taste test, and participate in the discussion.


We are a team as diverse as the ecosystem we are creating. Our many viewpoints and different backgrounds cause heated debates which we like to glorify as “challenging each other”.

Verena Bahlsen Co-Founder Industry Scout, Strategist, Head of Ideas
Laura Jaspers Co-Founder Organizational Developer, Consumer Trend Scout, Head of People
Stefan Telegdy Innovation Strategist Entrepreneur, Film Producer, Creative, Mentor, Dad
Robert Albrecht Business Development Banker, Risk Manager, Innovator Scout
Erica Fernandez HERMANN’S Berlin Manager Aid Worker, Restaurateur, Food Trend Scout
Werner M. Bahlsen Mentor Pastry Chef, Entrepreneur, Dad
Marina Assreuy Art Director Creative, Designer, Globetrotter
Gillian Allan Events Organizational Talent, People Person, Performing Artist
Hermann Bahlsen Role Model Traveler, Trend Scout, Great-Granddad

Our team is always looking for talented food minds. If we need to hire you, please let us know!

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