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Innovation Strategist

We are looking for an experienced food strategist to join a team on a mission. For immediate hire.

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Event Manager (Sales)

We are looking for an event manager who will contribute to our Eatery to become a popular and lively event space and set up a catering business.

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Innovation Strategy Intern

We are looking for an innovation strategy intern who wants to grow further toward the role of a junior strategist and seeks to be a part of a team on a mission. Earliest start date: September 2019.

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Trend Scout and Social Media Manager

We are looking for a food and trend enthusiast with a strong Social Media background. Someone woke who loves culture and the numerous ways it pushes for social change, and who wishes to support our team in identifying relevant cultural changes and niche innovations.

We’re always looking for talent, so don’t be shy to email us with your application to

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