Innovation Consulting

We believe that food businesses need constant innovation to ensure a successful future.

We observe that most established companies struggle to generate it on their own.

We propose a new approach: leave your world and find innovation in new ones in the places where it forms and grows today.

We help you seek, find, and strategically use the innovation that is relevant to you.

Our Approach

HERMANN’S is a boutique strategy consultancy. We use an ecosystem of new companies, innovators and networks to identify developments in food innovation. We translate them into practical strategies by answering three key questions:

The Future Landscape

Which product, brand and cultural innovations will impact your market? Our team screens the global landscape for developments that you need to know about.

Your Corporate Reality

Are you ready to address the future market? We assess your current capabilities and strategy with you. You receive a third party perspective on your readiness 
to address the future market.

Bespoke Innovation Roadmap

What is your step-by-step plan to achieve results? We develop an innovation strategy that is market-oriented and long-term, that fully leverages your existing assets, and that is tailored specifically to you.

Our Services

We tailor every project to the individual needs. Some of the services we specialize in include:

We screen the global landscape for product, brand and cultural developments that will impact your market of choice. We identify clusters and patterns, map them out, and sketch out future market opportunities before they hit the mainstream.

Based on cultural and innovation shifts, we work with you to develop a long-term destination for your brand. We assess your current situation and key assets, and from there define the direction your brand could take to remain relevant to future consumers

You will have a strategic vision for your portfolio and an implementation roadmap including lighthouse products.

We use HERMANN’S Radar to sketch out an ideal future product portfolio for your brand. We match it with your internal capacities and develop a strong roadmap that combines both perspectives.

Our team prototypes the product innovations you wish to test but cannot develop yourself easily. We then assess your internal product development process and design possible changes that facilitate successful execution of prototypes.

Our Consultants

Verena is an innovation consultant, brand strategist, and food industry expert. Coming from the Bahlsen family that has produced biscuits for four generations in Germany, Verena has grown up within the food industry and finds new opportunity within it. After studying business and marketing at New York University and Kings College, Verena cofounded HERMANN’S with the vision of helping companies design for the future. Verena is plugged into the global innovation ecosystem, and constantly scouts for new innovators and ideas around the world.

Founder of HERMANN’S

Verena Bahlsen

Sebastian Phillips is a senior strategy consultant, design thinker, and think tanker. Prior to HERMANN’S, Sebastian worked as a strategy and sustainability consultant at Accenture. Sebastian also has worked as a Corporate Partnerships Specialist for the Asian Development Bank in Bangkok, as well as a Project Manager at the Collaborating Center on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP) in Cologne. His international work experience spanning from Europe to East Asia uniquely positions him as a consultant between sustainability innovators, small businesses, non-profits and startups, and large-scale corporations.

Head of Innovation Strategy

Sebastian Philipps

Marc is a brand strategist, entrepreneur and clinical organizational psychologist. Marc began his career at Saatchi & Saatchi before becoming the head of strategy at McCaan and BBDO. Today, he is the CEO of brand consultancy Sasserath Munziger Plus Berlin/Milano, and is chairman of the innovation culture agency, Sasserath Kienbaum Plus London. He is currently a mentor and partner at Hub:Raum (Incubator Deutsche Telekom) and Plug & Play Berlin (Accelerator Axel Springer). He is an affiliate professor for entrepreneurship and innovation at ESCP Europe Paris/Berlin, and serves on the advisory board of and

Senior Advisor

Marc Sasserath

Alan is an innovation strategist, marketer and brand consultant from Austin, Texas. He studied international marketing and branding in the US, Germany and Sweden and has worked as a market researcher, brand manager and consultant in consumer good, tech, design and service industries. He is a plant-based foodie and an avid gardener especially of rare plants.

Innovation Strategist

Alan Don Jones

Marina Assreuy is a product designer, graphic artist and creative consultant. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Marina studied Product and Industrial Design, followed by a degree in Graphic Design in Elisava and in BAU Design schools in Barcelona, Spain. She has worked as a creative for large and small businesses, both in-house and as a freelance consultant in Europe, North and South America, and the Middle East. Her ten-year work experience as an international designer informs her current work in Berlin at HERMANN’S, where she has served as the Art Director for the past two years.

Art Director

Marina Assreuy

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