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Conditions of Use

By using these HERMANN’S internet pages, the user accepts the following condi­tions of use. HERMANN’S reserves the right to change these condi­tions of use at any time, to extend them or to adapt them to changes in the legal situation.


All brands, texts and images on these HERMANN’S internet pages are protected by copyright and by other commer­cial protec­tion of rights. For private, personal use and for other non-commer­cial purposes, the repro­duc­tion of these HERMANN’S pages in part or as a whole is permitted, provided that no changes to content are made: all repro­duc­tion for the purpose of sale, all changes, down­loading and trans­mis­sion for publi­ca­tion or other commer­cial use are prohibited.

Submission of Ideas

All infor­ma­tion what­so­ever that you transmit to this website by elec­tronic or other means, including all data, questions, comments, proposals or similar matters, will be treated as non-confi­den­tial infor­ma­tion. Further­more, our policy is not to accept unso­licited manu­scripts about marketing ideas, adver­tising, products, packaging ideas etc. If you never­the­less wish to propose ideas or make other sugges­tions, your submis­sion implies consent to the transfer to HERMANN’S without payment of all rights of use that may be derived from it. HERMANN’S has the right to use for any purpose all ideas, concepts, know-how or tech­niques that are contained in such infor­ma­tion, including but not restricted to the devel­op­ment, manu­fac­ture and marketing of products. If it is your intention to send confi­den­tial infor­ma­tion to HERMANN’S, please submit this infor­ma­tion solely by post to the address given below.

Responsibility for Links

All links and other refer­ences on the HERMANN’S internet pages have been carefully checked and have no illegal content to the best of our knowledge. In view of the large number of domains whose content can change daily and can thus not be checked by us, we declare explic­itly that we have no influence whatever on the design and content of the linked websites. We thus explic­itly distance ourselves from all contents of all websites linked on our internet pages and do not make these contents our own. This decla­ra­tion applies without exception both for all links shown on our internet pages and also for all contents of the pages to which these links lead.

Exclusion of Liability

Although we endeavour at all times to provide good, compre­hen­sive and constantly updated infor­ma­tion on the HERMANN’S website, we cannot give a guarantee for the acces­si­bility, the quality of access or the manner of repre­sen­ta­tion. Liability is excluded for every type of damage, including conse­quen­tial damages, that could result from the use of the infor­ma­tion published on these internet pages. Indi­vidual internet pages also refer to other internet sites for which we are not respon­sible for the technical quality and the quality of content. This exclusion of liability also applies to any kind of damage, including conse­quen­tial damages, that could result from the use of infor­ma­tion published on the internet pages of third parties. This exclusion of liability is part of the offering by HERMANN’S. Insofar as parts or indi­vidual phrases of this text fail to comply with applic­able law, or no longer apply or do not apply in full, the validity of the remaining parts and their content remains unaffected.

Additional Clauses

If a clause in these condi­tions of use is or becomes invalid or incapable of imple­men­ta­tion, the validity of the other clauses remains unaf­fected by this. German law applies. The place of juris­dic­tion is Hanover.

Terms of Use

Collecting and Saving Personal Information

Stupidly Simple GmbH & Co. KG takes protecting your personal data very seriously and observes all applic­able data protec­tion regu­la­tions. Our Privacy Statement provides you with infor­ma­tion about how we collect, save and use your personal infor­ma­tion. Our funda­mental focus in this respect is on treating your personal infor­ma­tion with great care and we do not disclose it to third parties for adver­tising purposes. The infor­ma­tion which you enter on the contact form on our website (first name, surname, email address and other optional details) is solely processed by HERMANN’S for the purpose of replying to your requests.

Access Data

When you visit our website, your web browser auto­mat­i­cally sends certain access data to our web server which we then save in a server log file. This data is only analysed anony­mously for statis­tical purposes and is deleted straight after this process is completed. We cannot use this data to assign it to a partic­ular person, nor can we compile it together with other sources of data or transmit it to third parties. Please refer to the following to see the types of data which are saved with regard to each page view: date and time of access, name of file which is requested, a report about whether the access was successful, the amount of data trans­mitted, the web browser and operating system which is used, the referrer URL (the previous page used to access the visited page), the search terms used when access is gained via a search engine and the hostname (IP address) of the requesting provider (visitor).


In order to design websites in such a way that it is attrac­tive to visitors, easy to use and which enables us to make use of certain functions website repre­sen­ta­tives often use “cookies”. Cookies are small text files which are stored on the device that you are using to view this site such as, your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The default settings of most internet browsers allow cookies to be accepted auto­mat­i­cally. You can prevent the instal­la­tion of cookies by adjusting the corre­sponding setting in your internet browser. In doing so, you may not be able to use all of the functions which the respec­tive website offers to the full extent.

This Website of HERMANN’S itself do not make use of cookies. But for creating usage statis­tics for our website we use Google Analytics, which makes use of cookies. Please refer to the Google Analytics chapter to find out more infor­ma­tion in regarding this.

Usage Analysis by Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to analyse page view data. For this purpose we transmit your personal infor­ma­tion to Google. Google processes the data which is trans­mitted (your IP address, time spent visiting our website, repeated use of our website, loading times for the website, details of the web browser and operating system and the search words used when the website is clicked on following a Google search). Your IP address will be anonymised prior to trans­mis­sion with the deletion of the final few numbers. Google processes this data on behalf of HERMANN’S in accor­dance with the standard data protec­tion agreement stated in Section 11 BDSG [German Federal Data Protec­tion Act]. Google has made the agreement available at the following link.

Detailed infor­ma­tion about the provider’s data protec­tion policy, the function of analysis software and the use of cookies by Google Analytics can be found on Google’s site.

If you do not agree with the data from your visit to our website being saved then you can refuse your consent to data being collected and trans­mitted at any time by clicking on the following link: Google Analytics Opt-Out

In this case, a so-called opt-out cookie shall be stored in your browser, meaning that Google Analytics shall not collect any session data. Please be aware that if you delete your cookies then this also deletes the opt-out cookie meaning that you will need to reac­ti­vate it.

Most modern browsers also provide addi­tional support in this respect and offer detailed privacy settings. If, for example, you do not want any of your personal infor­ma­tion to be analysed at all, you can amend the settings of your web browser so that all websites are given a “do not track” request from your browser. If this setting is activated then our website will not be able to collect or transmit any of your data.

Data Entry Form

On our website you will find a data entry form which you can use to get in touch with us. By filling this form in, you are providing us with your personal infor­ma­tion on an optional basis (name, address, email address, telephone number). The data will only be used for the purpose for which it was trans­mitted to us by the user and will not be trans­mitted to third parties.

Access, Correction and Deletion

You have the right to access infor­ma­tion about how your personal data is used. On request, we will provide you with the data which we have stored about your person in full and without any charge at any time. This includes infor­ma­tion about why the data is being saved. To obtain such infor­ma­tion, please send a brief email to info@hermanns.com.
You can also send an email to this address to request that data is corrected or deleted.

Links to Websites of other Suppliers

In the event that our website contains links to websites of other suppliers, this Privacy Statement does not cover the content of such websites. We have no way of ensuring that other suppliers comply with data protec­tion regu­la­tions. Please refer to the data protec­tion notices of other suppliers in this regard if required.

Responsible Party

Stupidly Simple GmbH & Co. KG, Podbiel­skistraße 11, 30163 Hanover 
Tel: + 49 511 960 0; Fax: + 49 511 9602749; email: info@hermanns.com

Repre­sented by:

The General Partner of Stupidly Simple Verwal­tungs-GmbH in the position of a person­ally liable share­holder who is in turn repre­sented by Managing Board Verena Bahlsen and Laura Jaspers.

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